Late evening rainbow

and a faint double bow if you squint...


Weather has been stunning lately, day after day of convective showers zipping by west to east, dropping bands of hail and the occasional grumble of thunder. Nothing this week has so far matched up to the storms of the 11th/12th, but a short sharp hail shower this evening unexpectedly provided a vibrant bow on its western edge.

Unfortunately I was hardly in the position to take a particularly good photo, but seeing as there is a good chance this will be the most interesting fortnight of weather throughout the entire year I feel compelled to document it nonetheless. I like the illuminated virga on the right of the picture, seen that most evenings recently, getting a bit  blasé about it!


2 comments on “Late evening rainbow

  1. What a great bit of luck to get a photo of a double rainbow, thanks for posting.

  2. Thanks Daniel! I actually captured what I think was a better bow last week, but unfortunately only started this blog today so the old picture didn’t make the cut! You can see it on Flickr though…

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