Images Of Africa Part 6: Insects

One of the aspects of my trip that I had been looking forward to most was the opportunity to photograph wildlife different to that of my home. While it is true that the snakes, camels, apes and lizards were captivating and gorgeous, glimpses of them in the wild were few and far between and thus good photo opportunities hard to come by. My brief glimpse of a Death Adder before it retreated to a burrow was unforgettable, but hardly the sort of experience easily preserved in an image.

It was left then to Africa’s insect life to answer my call, and it did not disappoint. From delicate butterflies to stoic dung beetles, insects stole the show as far as I was concerned. Apes, cobras and camels are all held captive by men seeking profit, and are now seen less often in the wild as a result. After witnessing snakes have their mouths sewn shut for performances in the big cities, just the sight of modest dung beetles trundling up dunes gave me great pleasure.  Those little blue/black automatons, less glamorous than cobras for sure, are true wild animals of Africa, untamed and unchanged.

dune surfing


poor camouflage




2 comments on “Images Of Africa Part 6: Insects

  1. AH! You are kind of making me not want to go to africa ever….. But at the same time you make me want to go…. I don’t know. Either way, great photos!

    • Definitely go! It’s a really complex place, and to just say ‘I went to Africa and it was amazing’ would be doing it a huge disservice. I don’t want to sugar coat the truth, but at the same time I’m trying to show how beautiful it was. Hope I’m succeeding!

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