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Mating Season for the Large Red Damselfly

Spotted these two going at it on a reed. Fun in the sun.     Advertisements

Audio Notes #3 – Perc – Choice (Walls Remix)

   “…opens with the groaning and straining of metal girders before faded vocals and delicately uplifting strings lead into an opulent basement groove. Synthlines gradually worm their way into the mix which by now has morphed into raw subterranean funk…”      


Such a little poser wasn’t he. Flashing your proboscis? But we’ve only just met!  

Audio Notes #2: Anstam – Feed The Pigs

 “…opening maelstrom of cascading keys and ray bursts, followed by bonkers percussion and warm, enveloping pads which eventually worm out of control into a sort of warped gothic crescendo…”    

Audio Notes #1: Lucy – ‘Stanford Prison’

From time to time I’ll post a track along with whatever notes I made about it in my big music notebook.     “…deep, yawning chasms, a heartbeat of smothered kicks, drums and melody coalescing slowly in the murk until they resemble strange, celestial techno, seriously fucking good…”      

Movie Review: Easy Rider (1969, Hopper)

In 1969, the same year as Woodstock, Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and the inimitable Terry Southern gave the world EASY RIDER, a movie immediately embraced by liberals and young people as the perfect cinematic expression of their disgust at the state of America. It has been called the greatest road film of all time and […]

I love lilypads

Quite frankly. I love surface tension tugging at the edges of leaves, and the shapes formed by their reflections. Unfortunately there aren’t any good lilies to go with the pads at the moment, so the palette is distinctly muted.