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Images Of Africa Part 7: Palmeries

Morocco exports 1,200,000 tons of dates each year. These dates are grown in vast, winding palmeries that straddle either side of rivers that criss-cross the otherwise barren desert. I found it amazing that such an important and sizable industry is still based on farming methods that have remained essentially unchanged for hundreds if not thousands of years. The efficiency of the land use is impressive, the techniques for making the most out of the scant water available honed by generations of practice. Bands of children roam spidery mud paths selling small dolls made from palm fronds while flocks of ibises stand statuesque in the long grass.

I like this photo because of how it juxtaposes the different environs of the Western Sahara. The vibrant green palmeries in the bottom third contrast with the barren rock above them, while the fragile band of human habitation relies on the fertile ground below. The swirl of wispy cirrus against a pure blue sky is a gorgeous and typical desert sight.


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