Another Gorgeous Sunset

This time from the cliffs about Watergate Bay, which incidentally where Jamie Oliver has his ‘Fifteen’ restaurant. I wanted to get the top half of the sun over the sea, but that stubborn cloud bank foiled me again! Advertisements

Anvils at Sunset

Saw these backlit anvils while out on a walk today. The most gorgeous skies I’ve seen for some time. Once I’m done editing there might be a few more pictures from this walk incoming…

A Cloudy Cornish Sunset

That stupid bank of cloud stopped the colours from being too impressive. Still, enjoying the new camera and the gorgeous scenery!  

Mating Season for the Large Red Damselfly

Spotted these two going at it on a reed. Fun in the sun.    


Such a little poser wasn’t he. Flashing your proboscis? But we’ve only just met!  

I love lilypads

Quite frankly. I love surface tension tugging at the edges of leaves, and the shapes formed by their reflections. Unfortunately there aren’t any good lilies to go with the pads at the moment, so the palette is distinctly muted.

Images Of Africa Part 7: Palmeries

Morocco exports 1,200,000 tons of dates each year. These dates are grown in vast, winding palmeries that straddle either side of rivers that criss-cross the otherwise barren desert. I found it amazing that such an important and sizable industry is still based on farming methods that have remained essentially unchanged for hundreds if not thousands […]